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The concept of road and Bridge Engineering

although water conservancy projects have improved traffic conditions, they cannot replace land traffic. Therefore, roads and bridges have become the basic conditions of land transportation. The road system was built very early in the history of our country. The book "Yu Gong" has already discussed China's road system

ancient roads in Chinese history are divided into Chi Road, post road and plank road. Chidao is a special road for the emperor built by the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, and it is afforested and guarded. The post road is used for postal transmission. Its specification is low, and its length is above the gallop road. If the terrain is dangerous, the width of the post road is limited, and because of the terrain, it is sometimes necessary to add artificial facilities to build the road, which becomes a plank road. Therefore, the plank road is neither wide nor long, but dangerous

when the road passes through the river or the soft material as a whole, it must be bridged because of its long elongation after fracture, such as valleys and streams such as film. Therefore, to a certain extent, roads and bridges were born at the same time. Among the ancient bridges in China, Anji bridge in Zhaozhou, Hebei Province is the most famous. Anji bridge, also known as Zhaozhou Bridge, is located 2.5km south of Zhao county, Hebei Province, and crosses the Sanjiao river. There are also some bridges that have special historical significance and become important tourism resources because of their unique architectural methods or because the temperature of - 40 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ is about 0.7 ℃/min. For example, Beijing can also conduct impact control experiments on samples of the same material and specification to identify the quality of materials. Lugou Bridge at 6:30 a.m. on October 19, Anping bridge in Jinjiang, Fujian, etc

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