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The characteristics of residential quarters are centralized users, large capacity, unified security management, and low economic income in most parts of the country. Therefore, the security system of residential quarters must meet the requirements of "safe, reliable, cost-effective, and centralized management". Although there are various security systems on the market at present, they really meet the characteristics of residential quarters There are not many products suitable for community use. As such products, buildings have the characteristics of less connection, household isolation, fear of short circuit, no power supply indoors, no power consumption in standby mode, no special video cable, high stability, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, etc

with the continuous increase of residential buildings, the property management of residential areas is becoming increasingly important. Among them, the management methods of visitor registration and on duty doorman are not suitable for the fast, convenient and safe needs of modern management. The building intercom system is composed of anti-theft doors installed at the entrance of each unit, the administrator switchboard of the general control center of the community, the intercom host at the entrance and exit of the building, the electric control lock, the door closer and the visual intercom extension in the user's home through a dedicated network. In order to realize the intercom between visitors and residents, the residents can remotely open the anti-theft door, and the visitors at the entrance of each unit call the residents through the intercom host. After the other party agrees, they can enter the building, thus restricting the entry of illegal personnel. At the same time, if the resident has robbery or sudden disease at home, the security personnel can be notified through the system to get timely support and treatment

what kind of building intercom system is most suitable for you

building intercom system, as the last barrier to ensure residential safety, is known as the "patron saint" of home life. The selection of building intercom system should be based on different residential structure, community distribution and functional requirements. Some houses suitable for non closed management can realize the functions of call, intercom and unlocking, and have the function of luminous indication; There are also various residential structures suitable for low to high-rise buildings; The fixture under closed management should not lead the host to have safety protection measures. If the sample is broken at the fixture, the indoor unit with safety alarm function can be selected. Users can install door magnet, infrared probe, smoke alarm, gas leakage alarm device, etc. according to their own needs. In order to take into account the needs and economic conditions of different users, the color in the visual system is compatible with the extension of black-and-white machine. Users can use color machine, black-and-white machine, or intercom indoor machine without visual function; In order to facilitate engineering wiring, star wiring and ring wiring can be adopted for large system bus according to different cell distribution. In order to completely solve the signal attenuation of large-scale systems, intelligent signal intensifiers can be used for video biphasic transmission and binomial amplification on the same cable. A management center can also be set up in a closed community. The management center machine can store the alarm records, check the alarm type, time and the building number and room number of the alarm household at any time, and the center machine can monitor and call the whole community and the door of the building

therefore, the selection of building intercom system must be based on the characteristics of your residential area, and must not be blind. To achieve the highest performance price ratio and maximize the function of this system

basic requirements of intelligent residential quarters

as a new favorite in the 21st century, intelligent residential quarters have their own requirements. According to the regulations of the Ministry of construction, at present, intelligent residential quarters have six requirements: residential quarters set up computer automated management centers, and automatic measurement and charging of water, electricity, gas, etc; The residential area is closed, and the automatic monitoring and management of the security system is implemented; Automatic alarm shall be implemented for fire and harmful gas leakage in residential buildings; The residence is equipped with building intercom and emergency call system; Implement centralized management of key equipment and facilities in residential areas, and implement remote monitoring of their operation status

the general intelligent community includes the following subsystems:

1. Residential monitoring system

2. The use of rigid polyurethane foam saves a considerable amount of space, and the electroplated diamond wire requires a total of 82.47 million kilometers of electronic patrol system

3. Three meter automatic reading system

4. Closed circuit television monitoring system

5. Community surrounding boundary monitoring system

6. Access control non-contact card system

7. Building visual/non visual intercom System

it can be seen from this that the intellectualization of residential quarters is based on high technology, using advanced instruments and equipment and management means, using computers and the latest related technologies, and using modern computer technology, sensing technology, transmission technology, network technology, automatic control technology and other advanced technologies in the traditional building structure to improve efficiency, reduce losses and save costs. We will continue to improve the automation of property management, security and information services in residential areas, so as to provide residents with a safe, convenient and comfortable living space

intelligent community must have five security precautions

advanced active infrared intrusion detectors are set on the walls and fences around the closed residential community, and infrared beams are used to close the top of the surrounding area. Once someone climbs over the wall, the electronic map of the community in the monitoring center can quickly display the location of the case, and send out audible and visual alarms to remind the personnel on duty to deal with the police in time. According to the alarm position shown in the electronic map, the person on duty calls the nearest patrol personnel to deal with it through the radio station

the second line of defense TV monitoring system

the TV monitoring system is installed at the gate of the residential area, the entrance and exit of the parking lot (garage), the elevator car and the main channels in the area, and 24-hour monitoring and video recording are implemented. The personnel of the monitoring center can watch the situation of each channel through the TV screen. Once there is a case, it can provide valuable image evidence materials for the police

the electronic Patrol System of the third line of defense

the recording devices of the electronic patrol system are reasonably and scientifically set up in front of and behind the houses, green belts, walkways and other places in the whole community. The recording device can record the time before the patrol personnel arrive at the device in detail and accurately, and "selflessly" supervise each patrol personnel to complete the patrol task according to the predetermined patrol line and time interval, effectively ensuring that the patrol personnel arrive at any alarm point in the community within the specified time

the fourth line of defense building intercom system

a visitor intercom system is installed at the entrance and exit of the community, the entrance of residential buildings, and the iron gate of each building entrance. When the visitor comes to the entrance and exit of the community, the property security personnel call the visited user to confirm that there is

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