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Concept, design and strategy of famous brand commodity packaging 1. Preparation before the installation of Jinan experimental machine (Part 2)

2. Packaging design:

Product packaging is divided into outer packaging and inner packaging. Outer packaging, also known as transportation packaging, is designed to protect goods and facilitate transportation; The design of inner packaging focuses on beautifying commodities, promoting commodity sales and facilitating use. In the design of commodity packaging, we should start from the following aspects:

1. The packaging should adapt to the value or quality level of commodities. Precious commodities and artworks should highlight the nobility and elegance of commodities. For a certain product series of the company, high, medium and low-grade packaging can be adopted to match to meet the needs of different consumers

2. The shape of the package is beautiful and generous, and the patterns strive to be vivid and unconventional. Avoid imitation and similarity, and try to adopt new materials, new patterns and new shapes to attract attention. This is the basic requirement of packaging

3. The packaging should be able to show the characteristics and unique style of the goods. For goods that show their characteristics or style in shape or color, such as clothing, decorations, food, etc., try to show the level itself directly to the buyer, so that customers can choose and buy. For example, transparent packaging, open window packaging, or color photos attached to the outer packaging, etc

4. The text design on the package should be able to directly answer the most concerned questions of customers. The performance, usage and effect of products are often not visually displayed, and often need to be expressed in words. The text design on the package should highlight the key points according to the psychology of customers. For example, the raw materials and eating methods should be stated on the food package; Drugs should explain the ingredients, efficacy, dosage, taboos and whether there are side effects, directly answer the questions of buyers and eliminate their existing concerns

5. The colors and patterns of packaging and decoration should conform to the specifications, and should not conflict with national habits. BASF's new material solution makes driving more comfortable and religious beliefs. The same color and pattern may have different meanings for different consumers. Chinese people like to celebrate festivals with red, while the Japanese give each other white towels; Egyptians like green and avoid blue; The French hate dark green (the color of fascist military uniforms) and prefer yellow. In countries and regions that believe in Islam, pigs are forbidden to be used in decorative patterns; Europeans think the elephant is stupid, while Chinese think it is naive and unique; The French regard peacocks as auspicious birds, while the Swiss regard owls as symbols of death; The image of tortoise represents ugliness in many countries and regions, while in Japan it means longevity. Some colors, patterns or symbols have specific meanings in specific places. For example, in the former Czech Republic, the red triangle is the symbol of drugs; In Turkey, the green triangle is a free sign. Consumers of different ages also have different preferences, such as the elderly like cool colors, steady and calm; Young people like warm colors. The main component of this kind of film is chitosan, which is healthy and lively

III. packaging strategy:

in order to play the promotional role of packaging, manufacturers have taken various measures in packaging design and formed different packaging strategies, mainly including:

1. Similar packaging strategy: all products produced by enterprises adopt the same pattern, color or other similar characteristics on the packaging, so that customers can notice that this is the product of the same enterprise. Similar packaging strategies have the same benefits as the unified trademark strategy, such as saving packaging design costs and production costs, enhancing the momentum of enterprises, and facilitating the introduction of new products. However, this strategy cannot be abused. It is only applicable to products of the same quality level. If there is a great difference in quality, high-quality products will be adversely affected

2. Multiple packaging strategies: put a variety of interrelated commodities into one packaging container and sell them at the same time to meet the needs of multiple choices. For example, cosmetic boxes, household medicine boxes, high-end gift boxes, tableware sets and so on, which are widely available in the market, are not only convenient to use, but also expand the sales market. If you can directly extract the data from the database

3. Reuse packaging strategy: this strategy is also called dual-use packaging strategy. That is, after the original packaged goods are used up, the packaging container can be in the travel cup; Candy and biscuits can also be packed in stationery boxes; The packaging of drugs can be considered as lunch boxes, food boxes, etc. This kind of packaging can often cause groups to buy, and its advantage also lies in the use of packaging containers as mobile advertisements. However, it should be noted that the added value of packaging materials should not be too high

4. Complimentary packaging strategy: This is a popular packaging strategy in the domestic and foreign markets at present. For example, children's toys and food are provided with comic books or literacy cards; Cosmetics packaging with coupons, accumulate a certain amount can get other gifts; Some goods are packed with lottery tickets, and you can get prizes after winning the prize

5. Change the packaging strategy: the improvement of commodity packaging is as important to sales as the improvement of the product itself. If the internal quality is similar to that of similar competitive products, but the market is not smooth, we should pay attention to improving the packaging design. The packaging of a product has been used for a long time, and new packaging should also be considered to stimulate consumption. The prerequisite for adopting this strategy is that the internal quality of the goods meets the use requirements and has strong competitiveness. Otherwise, simply relying on the packaging transformation will not help expand sales

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