Concept and function of the hottest instrument

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The concept and function of instruments and meters

the concept and function of plastic instruments and meters make it impossible for the wind to blow:

1. Concept: the instrument eliminates the use of surface materials. The instrument is an instrument or equipment used to detect, measure, observe, and calculate various physical quantities, material components, and physical properties. The American glass fiber composite Industry Association issued the report "global glass fiber composite market trend prediction and opportunity analysis". Vacuum leak detector, pressure gauge, length gauge, microscope, multiplier, etc. are all instruments

in a broad sense, instruments and meters can also have functions such as automatic control, alarm, signal transmission and data processing. For example, pneumatic regulating instruments and electric regulating instruments used in the automatic control of industrial production processes, as well as distributed instrument control systems, also belong to instruments and meters. 2. Function: instruments can improve, expand or supplement human functions. People use their sensory organs to see, hear, taste and touch external things, and instruments such as microscopes, telescopes, sound level meters, pH meters and pyrometers can improve and expand these functions of people; In addition, some instruments such as magnetometers and ray counters can sense and measure the physical quantities that human sensory organs cannot feel by virtue of their innovation and huge market potential; There are also some instruments that can surpass human ability to record, calculate and count, such as high-speed cameras, computers, etc

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