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Concept and application of chemical machinery

chemical machinery is the general name of machines and equipment used in the production of chemical industry. In order to process raw materials into finished products of certain specifications in chemical production, a series of chemical processes such as raw material pretreatment, chemical reaction, separation and refining of reaction products are often required. The machinery used to realize these processes is often classified as chemical machinery

chemical machinery can generally be divided into two categories: ① chemical machinery. It refers to the machinery whose main action parts are moving, such as various filters, crushers, centrifugal separators, rotary kilns, mixers, rotary dryers and fluid conveying machinery. ② Chemical equipment. It refers to the machinery whose main action parts are static or have little movement, such as various containers (tanks, tanks, kettles, etc. except painting), ordinary kilns, otherwise the lifting rings should be hung on the key blade towers, reactors, heat exchangers, ordinary dryers, evaporators, reaction furnaces, electrohydrolysis tanks, crystallization equipment, mass transfer equipment, adsorption equipment, fluidization equipment, ordinary separation equipment, ion exchange equipment, etc. The division of chemical machinery is not strict. Some fluid transmission and replacement hydraulic oil transmission machinery (such as pumps, fans and compressors) are often called chemical machinery in the chemical sector, but at the same time, they are also general machinery in various industrial production. The design and manufacture of modern chemical machinery, in addition to relying on the development of mechanical engineering and material engineering for fastening loose parts, is also closely related to the development of chemical technology and chemical engineering

the quality, output and cost of chemical products largely depend on the perfection of chemical machinery, and the characteristics of chemical machinery itself must be able to adapt to the special conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, ultra-low pressure, flammability, explosion and strong corrosivity that are often encountered in the chemical process

modern chemical industry requires chemical machinery: ① it has the safety and reliability of continuous operation. ② It has sufficient mechanical strength under certain operating conditions (such as temperature, pressure, etc.). ③ It has excellent corrosion resistance. ④ Good sealing. ⑤ High efficiency and low energy consumption

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