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On June 22, Shengze chemical fiber Market differentiated fiber Market

differentiated Yanghe radiondtpa6.12 and radiondpa6.10 long glass fiber reinforced polyamide series material ion filament market, the overall trading volume is very small, and the quotation barely remains stable, but there is still a concession in the actual application of relaxation testing machine and technical points. From the perspective of product sales, fdy63d is relatively dynamic, mainly used for the production of cationic lining. It is expected that the overall market of cationic silk in the future will be mainly consolidation. The market of polyester polyester composite yarn is barely stable. 2. The starting point of installation is the problem. In contrast, there are small transactions in the market covering 110 mu (0*75 mu) (DT flat traction + POY) 10, and the price remains unchanged. The market of polyester/nylon composite yarn has little change. The trading volume of island composite wire market is relatively small. At present, the downstream looms have been shut down in a small range, and weaving manufacturers tend to be cautious in purchasing. It is expected that the market of its three composite wire series will also have a weakening trend in the future

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