A kind of radiation proof flax yarn

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Patent introduction: a kind of radiation proof flax yarn

application (patent) No.: cn 8. Application date: September 30, 2010

publication (announcement) No.: cna publication (announcement) date: May 25, 2011

main classification No.: d02g3/12 (2006.01) I

classification No.: d02g3/12 (2006.01) I

applicant (patent right): Dongpeng textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Abstract: the invention relates to a kind of radiation proof flax yarn, including flax fiber, metal filament fiber, cotton fiber and polyester fiber. The flax fiber is provided with metal filament fiber, The flax fiber is intertwined with cotton fiber and polyester fiber; The invention has gold PHA inside the flax fiber, which has been widely used in medical devices, blood sweat tube tissue engineering, nerve catheter tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering, cartilage tissue engineering, drug transport carrier and medical and health care silk fiber, and has electromagnetic protection and electrostatic protection effects; Hemp fiber, cotton fiber and polyester fiber are intertwined and connected, which makes the yarn light and soft, and also reduces the production cost

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