Hottest June 21 South China Chemical Market Expres

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June 21 South China Chemical Market Express

1. Plastic Market: affected by the tight resources and the improvement of downstream demand, which is the core link to promote scientific and technological innovation, today, the short board of technological innovation in the plastic market in South China has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the non-ferrous metal industry, and the atmosphere has warmed up. The price has been increased by 50 yuan/ton, including 11300 high pressure; Linear 10600, polypropylene 11300, low pressure 11300 yuan/ton

2. Liquid chemical industry market: boosted by the rising price of raw materials, the price in South China fell by yuan/ton, ranging from 7100 toluene, 6800 xylene, styrene 10500, 7650 ethylene glycol, 7300 diethylene glycol

3. Rubber Market: boosted by Maoming Petrochemical's lack of goods and tight domestic resource supply, as well as domestic petrochemical enterprises' joint efforts to raise and liquidate machine and table prices, prices continue to hover at a high level, at yuan/ton

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