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Multimedia call centers have significantly improved the level of service outsourcing in Sichuan Province. Sichuan, which has accelerated the construction of a beautiful new home after the disaster and the construction of a highland of economic development in the west, is vigorously promoting the development of information service industry. Sichuan Mobile, as the largest communication operator with the largest network and customers in Sichuan Province, shoulders the important task of revitalizing the national communication industry and promoting information construction

this year is the "transformation year" of Sichuan Mobile. Since this year, Sichuan Mobile has given full play to the role of the information industry as a multiplier in economic growth, a converter of development mode and a booster of industrial upgrading. In combination with the spirit of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Sichuan Mobile has increased the informatization support of "two accelerations". As an important symbol of the transformation of Sichuan Mobile, the largest single call center in the western region and the multimedia call center of China Mobile Sichuan company have been officially put into commercial use recently, launching the "overall solution of multimedia customer contact center" for enterprises

Sichuan Mobile said that the multimedia call center of China Mobile Sichuan company will take the establishment of a world-class multimedia call center based in Sichuan, with regional and even national influence as the overall goal, and comprehensively provide customers with better, more convenient and more considerate services; Enterprises that help enterprises' business transformation and undertake their due share in promoting local economic development. The industry believes that the opening of multimedia call centers is also of great significance to promote local social employment and improve the level of regional service outsourcing

help build a national service outsourcing base to accelerate the economic take-off of Chengdu

after the international financial crisis, multinational enterprises accelerated the subcontracting of non core businesses worldwide, and the scale of service outsourcing continued to expand. In order to seize the opportunity of the new division of global industry, effectively promote urban development and transformation, and promote economic growth, the Chengdu municipal government, based on the local economic development and future needs, gives full play to the inland advantages, vigorously develops outsourcing services, and builds Chengdu into an information highland in Western China, an industrial agglomeration, and a benchmark city for China's inland investment environment

however, the employer chooses the outsourcing destination and pays more attention to the city, which is the main carrier of service outsourcing. Stop (1min~6hour) and take the initiative to unplug from the battery. In other words, as a national service outsourcing base city, if Chengdu can seize the opportunity of the new division of global industry, it can effectively promote urban development and transformation and promote economic growth

in response to the call of the government and strive to promote the "two accelerations" in Sichuan Province, Sichuan mobile multimedia call center has the courage to act as a pioneer in the strategic transformation of national and local governments, and set an example for the transformation of outsourcing services. It has invested in the construction of "Sichuan mobile multimedia call center" in Chengdu high tech Zone. The project covers a total area of 40 mu. At present, the first phase of the project, which has been put into operation, has a construction area of about 50000 square meters, an investment of 340million yuan, the construction of more than 2000 service seats, and will provide more than 6000 jobs. It is the largest single call center in the southwest and even the western region. The seat size and multimedia operation level are in a leading position in the same industry. Sichuan mobile multimedia call center, the first call center settled in Chengdu high tech South Zone, will assume the important responsibility of increasing employment opportunities, serving nearly 40million mobile communication customers in the province, carrying out outsourcing services for large groups, and providing call center services for the government and public utilities

build a customer contact center to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

with the advent of the Internet era, the level of social informatization is constantly improving, cloud computing, IOT, multimedia technology are widely used, and the mode of business activities is undergoing profound changes

in the current social environment, the needs of customers are becoming more and more complex, and the expectation of service level is getting higher and higher; The enterprise carries out all-round business, expands customer contact points, cooperates through multiple channels, and provides diversified services for customers. This needs to maximize the customer contact platform of the enterprise and win the first opportunity for the enterprise in the competition

in the Internet era, adjust the beam movement to change the output. The customer contact center is no longer a simple center, but a multimedia customer contact center that integrates a variety of advanced technologies. This center has a wide range of applications. Any system that needs voice and data communication, especially those that want to combine computer and communication to complete voice and data information exchange, will use the customer contact center. Such as the contact center for convenience services, information inquiry, feedback and other functions required by government departments; The manufacturing industry needs a contact center for order acceptance, customer return visit, after-sales service, technical support and other functions; Public utilities need a contact center with functions such as customer service, business consultation, information inquiry, etc; The financial and insurance industry needs a contact center with customer service, business handling, marketing, market research and other functions; The sales service industry needs a contact center with customer service, appointment registration, order acceptance, marketing and other functions; The transportation and logistics industry needs customer service, order management, operation scheduling, customer care and other functions

however, the customer contact center has investment, technology, specialty, information and personnel intensive problems that need to be solved. The systematic construction cost of the center is high, and the use and management are complex. For enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, it seems to be an unrealistic dream to have their own customer contact center. Looking for a partner who can provide customer contact center and relevant management assistance has become a new production organization mode of customer contact center in the Internet era

based on this demand, Sichuan mobile multimedia call center came into being. Relying on new concepts, Sichuan Mobile has built a comprehensive customer contact platform in various forms, channels and media to promote the rapid upgrading of the industrial model and bring a new development model to the communication industry in the province

Sichuan Mobile said that it would continue to uphold the high-quality service tradition of the national youth civilization, the national high-quality service window unit and the service demonstration base unit of China Mobile Communications Group, and provide all-weather, zero defect and 100% satisfactory excellent customer service for 40million mobile communication customers in the province through multiple channels and forms. The main service scope includes 10086 customers, which will open up a new way for the effective development of polylactic acid 1251. Before starting the machine, lubricate 80 value-added services, China Mobile Wireless Music Base music services and services in the business hall, SMS business hall, WAP handheld business hall according to the specified lubrication parts and lubrication methods; At the same time, on the basis of traditional voice services, the center will carry more 3G oriented customer service and marketing capabilities such as music, entertainment, video, customer interactive experience through various channels such as, Internet, SMS and MMS, and wireless

the innovative mode provides personalized solutions for enterprises

in order to give full play to the role of the platform, Sichuan Mobile will integrate and bundle the call center outsourcing services with the group's business, and provide customers with integrated information solutions and one-stop service experience. Sichuan Mobile also creatively launched the "overall solution of multimedia customer contact center", and launched three new service businesses -

resource leasing: providing enterprises with a configurable standardized product, enterprises can rent the standard functions of the call center application platform, realize incoming and outgoing calls, and complete the service and sales process of enterprises. Including the leasing of customer contact center system platform, access number, transmission line, seat space, contact center special equipment and other resources. Sichuan mobile multimedia call center adopts carrier level system support to reduce investment for enterprises and provide a high security customer contact center system that can be quickly opened and flexibly deployed

consulting and training services: provide enterprises with contact center short board diagnosis, provide effective improvement plans, and provide targeted multi-level, multi-channel and various forms of professional training. It includes the overall solution consultation of the new customer contact center, and the consultation of the personnel management, business process planning, training system, operation improvement, etc. of the existing customer contact center. At the same time, it also provides personnel quality improvement training. Sichuan mobile multimedia call center has a large number of senior professionals in technology, human resource management, project operation management, quality control and so on. It also compiles the operation experience of large-scale customer contact centers for 10 years and provides a perfect training system

personalized customized services: according to the requirements and standards of the enterprise, provide business consulting, complaint handling, order processing, marketing, customer care, market research and other services to its service objects on behalf of the enterprise. Including providing customer service, technical support, customer return visit, satisfaction survey, market research and other call services. Sichuan Mobile adopts the integration of multiple contact channels to provide call services of customer satisfaction for enterprises under professional and refined operation management

at the same time, Sichuan mobile multimedia call center has also signed a cooperation agreement with Convergys, the world's largest call center service outsourcing company, to communicate in many aspects from the technology, operation, market, etc. of multimedia customer contact outsourcing. After the standardization of Convergys in China, it has formed its own project management methods, paving the way for its own service industry to be in line with international standards, and also providing an effective reference for the same industry

Sichuan Mobile said that it would continue to accelerate the transformation, create a better investment environment for Chengdu, create better conditions for regional economic growth and serve the economic and social development of Sichuan

yongdan society provides the staying power for industrial development

rich talent reserves are the staying power for the development of local information industry. Relying on the multimedia call center project, Sichuan Mobile yongdan society has created a large number of attractive employment and training opportunities for young people, especially college students, which has promoted local employment and helped economic development

the contact center is a high-tech and personnel intensive industry, which is in the stage of rapid development. Its good development prospects will create a large number of attractive employment and training opportunities. It is expected that after the multimedia call center is put into commercial use, it will quickly create jobs. After the first phase of the project is fully opened, it can absorb 6000 jobs, mainly young people who have just graduated from colleges and universities. At the same time, the multimedia call center is one of the first "youth employment and entrepreneurship internship bases" cooperated by Sichuan Mobile and the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. It has achieved good social benefits in the process of providing internship opportunities for college students

typical case

Longxiang communication: improve marketing efficiency and create more value

Chengdu Longxiang Communication Co., Ltd. is a well-known mobile communication terminal chain sales enterprise in Southwest China, with nearly 200 subordinate business offices. Two years ago, Longxiang began to set up a traditional customer contact center, which is specially responsible for customer complaints, customer return visits and other businesses. However, with the increasing expansion of business, the original call center can no longer meet the in-depth service needs of customers, which has become a major bottleneck for the further development of the enterprise

recently, Longxiang communication and Sichuan Mobile reached a cooperation intention to jointly establish a new service marketing system of Longxiang communication, build an excellent customer contact center in the Internet era, and adopt the overall solution of Sichuan mobile multimedia call center, including: the reconstruction of software, hardware and system functions of customer contact center, personnel recruitment and training, operation management, quality management, satisfaction management

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