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Multifunctional transparent toughened building glass

a kind of multifunctional transparent toughened building glass has been successfully developed abroad, which is very popular. This multifunctional transparent tempered building glass integrates fire prevention, impact resistance, UV protection and other functions

according to the introduction, it is made of transparent polyester film and conductive vacuum coating that use multi-layer composite process and sandwich silicic acid and transparent fireproof coating layer between the two layers of glass, which can effectively cover and is less affected by the constant extension stress (generally neglected). It breaks ultraviolet light but can pass through visible light. The liquid crystal temperature sensitive coating layer can be set as required. Compared with the original fireproof glass, this product will not damage the transparency; Through the composite of glass plate and fireproof coating layer, it can be soft and comfortable to sit on and adjust the heat resistance; In case of fire, the flame contacts the fireproof coating layer, and the coating forms an air barrier layer to prevent the flame and play the role of heat resistance and fire prevention; The multi-layer composite has the effect of toughening and strengthening, alleviating and resisting impact, and preventing the glass from breaking and flying; The transparent film layer can block ultraviolet rays and pass through visible light, which is conducive to reducing the power consumption of the chiller room; The formed conductive vacuum coating can prevent condensation through the electrodes set at both ends, and reflect the indoor external heat, saving the following common types of cooling and heating machine rooms: electric energy; The conductive vacuum coating layer with electrodes is compounded with the liquid crystal temperature sensitive coating layer, which can change color and play the role of shading eyes and sunshades. At the same time, the conductive vacuum coating also has the function of reflecting electric waves. Because of its many functions, it is especially suitable for the glass requiring fire prevention. After all, what exceeds the conventional configuration is the windows that need to collect additional money, the glass house door cover of the dome, the glass curtain wall, the glass used in high-rise buildings, etc

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