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Multifunctional hard shell packaging container

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] multifunctional hard shell packaging container

[applicant] Cui Chengzu

[issued whether in terms of capital investment or technical indicators] Cui Chengzu

[address of the main applicant] 031100 No. 10, yaowan street, Niucun Road, Buyi Township, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province

[application No.] 5

[application date] December 24, 2004

[approval Announcement No.]

[approval announcement date] June 28, 2006

[main classification No.] b65d81/36 (2006.01) I

[classification No.] b65d81/36 (2006.01) I

[priority] March 5, 2004 CN 8

[sovereignty item] 1. Requested protection features: (1) most of the hard shell packaging containers (e.g. wine, cans and bottles, etc.) made of metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. now in use are cylindrical containers (only a few are recycled, most are garbage) and transformed into a variety of shapes, The jbds (3) 00y digital display low temperature full-automatic impact testing machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in accordance with the national standard gb/t3803 (2) 002 "inspection of pendulum impact testing machine" can still be assembled and fixed by one or more modified containers after the products are used up, and become two types of objects ① practical objects (such as tiles, Zhuo, flowers, pots, etc.); ② Craft type (example: Celebrity imitation statue, etc.). In order to turn more waste products into supplies and save energy resources: ① the types of hard shell packaging containers that can be changed into products by design; ② After the modification of hard shell packaging containers, the product types of the group should be within the scope allowed by law. Such a machine can meet the design range of tensile property testing methods of different fiber materials. (2) Some items formed after modification: ① one object has multiple shapes (e.g. kitchen cabinet). ② The specifications of the same product vary (from a few centimeters to more than 1 meter). ③ There are color pictures and texts. (3) Objects that can look like advertising objects

[CD number of instructions] d

[Abstract] 1 After reshaping the hard shell packaging containers currently used, new items can be formed after the products are used up. 2. Reshaping features: ① reshaping does not change the original capacity; ② The bottle mouth does not change position; ③ The specific design is determined according to which container changes to which product. 3. Combination technology: ① there are shallow concave convex occlusions on the contact surface between the container and the container; ② Some equipment can be fixed with a long time frame by using a pull rod on the dark side of the component; ③ Glue fixation

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