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Multifunctional cartons with fresh-keeping function

[China Packaging News] it is understood that due to the special properties of agricultural products that are not easy to store and the backward logistics infrastructure, agricultural products are consumed surprisingly in the circulation process. The National Agricultural Products Preservation Engineering Technology Research Center found that the annual production of fruits and vegetables in China may produce noise from the field to the table due to aging equipment, with a loss rate of up to 25% to 30%. The loss rate in developed countries is generally less than 5%, and that in the United States is only 1% to 2%. According to reports, only fruits and vegetables, China's annual loss of more than 100billion yuan. Every year, the decay of fruits alone reaches 12million, and the industrial output value has also increased to more than 30billion tons, and the decay of vegetables has reached 130 million tons. In fact, the increase in circulation costs is a long-term factor supporting the higher prices of agricultural products such as vegetables. In other words, nearly a quarter of the fruits and vegetables produced by Chinese farmers every year are wasted, such as the loss of thermoformed food packaging boxes and lids

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a carton produced by dissolving the powder with natural mineral powder as the main raw material (hereinafter referred to as Ms powder) into the adhesive has been successfully introduced. This kind of carton has obvious functions of fresh-keeping, moisture-proof and increasing strength. Before long, citrus and other fruits in the South will no longer have to worry about not being able to solve the problem of transportation, packaging and preservation

ms multifunctional carton has obvious fresh-keeping effect, high compressive strength, moisture resistance and strong adhesion. It can meet the needs of fruit and vegetable transportation packaging, and is the best choice for high-end electrical packaging. The increased cost of producing 5-layer corrugated boxes per square meter is less than 2%, and there is no need to improve the original carton equipment

China Packaging believes that carton packaging with strong insurance function will definitely lead the trend

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