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Packaging and the competitiveness of enterprises (Part 1)

Product packaging is one of the non price competition strategies besides price factors, and its position and role in modern marketing activities are becoming more and more remarkable. The broad concept of product consists of substantial product, formal product and extension. I sincerely hope that the control system of the experimental machine will be more and more perfect in the future! The product is a whole composed of three levels. The product packaging we want to analyze belongs to the second level - the category of formal products. Formal products refer to the shapes and ways by which substantive products are realized. What a substantial product describes is only a concept, effect or benefit, which can be realized through a certain form. Formal products are mainly manifested in five aspects: quality, characteristics, style, brand and packaging

in marketing, some scholars refer to packaging as the fifth P parallel to the former in the group of 4P (product, promotion, price, place). In marketing practice, enterprises use packaging to dress up thousands of goods in color, with endless temptation

after careful market research, the marketing personnel of DuPont, the world's largest chemical company, discovered the famous DuPont law. That is, 63% of consumers make commodity decisions based on the packaging and decoration of commodities; Housewives who go to supermarkets usually buy more than 45% of the items they intend to buy when they go out because of the attractive packaging and decoration. It can be seen that packaging is the face and clothing of goods. As the "first impression" of goods, it enters the eyes of consumers and strikes the psychological balance of whether consumers buy or not. There are a few purposeful purchases after all; In the face of hypermarkets, the level of homogenization of a wide range of goods on supermarket shelves has gradually increased. It is not easy to make a choice quickly, not to mention a considerable number of new products that take the terminal route due to advertising budget constraints. At this time, the packaging appearance is very important. After all, there are a few enterprises that can make great publicity

the role of packaging

packaging has five main functions:

1 Packaging is a silent salesman (wordless seducer)

Japanese scholar Ghana Guang believes that there are three basic conditions for packaging to become a "salesman", namely, brand, image, and expand the gap. He called it the bid principle. Trademark refers to the mark of goods. A commodity without a trademark is like a person without a name. No matter how popular it is, it can't be heard

to make packaging a salesman, we must first highlight the goods on the packaging. Widening the gap refers to consciously expanding the quality differences between commodities through trademarks and packaging shapes

someone once did an experiment to put the same detergent into several packages with different trademarks and shapes for consumers to try. As a result, they thought it was several detergents of different quality. This experiment shows that trademarks and packaging shapes can play a role in highlighting the characteristics of goods

the result of widening the gap is to make consumers form a relatively fixed impression of a certain commodity - trademark or packaging impression. The trademark or packaging impression makes the personality characteristics of the goods have a specific image with a period of one year, so the goods are more attractive

2. Packaging is a magnifying glass of commodity characteristics

it is difficult to understand the characteristics of commodities without using them personally. Therefore, for many commodities, especially new products, letting people know their characteristics has become an important problem faced by enterprises. Packaging can highlight the characteristics of goods through attractive shapes, as well as pictures and words printed on the packaging, so that consumers can have a general understanding of the goods sold at the moment they touch the goods

3. Packaging can provide convenience

If two or three bottles of the same wine are bundled together, it is very convenient for customers to carry when buying two or three bottles. Therefore, changing the packaging of goods and providing convenience for consumers can win over those customers who are hesitant and worried about being unable to carry, so as to promote product sales

4. Packaging is the epitome of marketing strategy

a well-designed packaging reflects an enterprise's marketing strategy and its target market in a materialized form. The product price and distribution strategy adopted by the enterprise should be reflected in the packaging. If the target market of the enterprise is low-income consumers, the packaging should be simple and not too gorgeous, otherwise the target customers dare not pay attention; If the product wants to establish a high-quality image, the packaging must first be of high quality

5. Packaging can be used with it and is widely used to ensure a sense of security

the most primitive and basic function of commodity packaging is to protect commodities from damage, leakage, decay and deterioration. With the development of economy and the change of market concept, the protective function of packaging itself has changed, and the protective function of packaging itself has also changed. It plays a promotional role by giving consumers a sense of security, especially for goods that are easy to damage, leak and mildew. (to be continued)

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