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This year's winter trade fair featured a packaging article

according to Beijing citizens and the media last year, the fruits and vegetables in Hainan are first-class products, second-class packaging, and third-class prices. At the third preparatory meeting of the winter Trade Fair held today, Lin Yuquan, director of the Department of agriculture of Hainan Province, stressed that the quality of the exhibits of the winter trade fair must be improved through packaging to match their packaging and quality. He said: "all the administrative measures taken by the government to restrict production in a short period of time can produce quick results. The exhibits should be carefully selected, carefully packed, carefully placed and carefully decorated, dressed like a married bride. Exhibits without packaging are not allowed to enter the exhibition hall in Beijing."

this year's Winter Fair will still be held in one place and two places. The deep binding week between big enterprises and big customers in Beijing will be opened at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall on December 23

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