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Packaging based on green logistics

Abstract: This paper takes green logistics as the starting point to talk about green packaging. On the basis of expounding the connotation and characteristics of green logistics and green packaging, it puts forward various measures to implement green logistics packaging, and hopes to play a role in the development of green packaging

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I. The concept of green logistics

h.j.wu and s.dunn believe that green things. 3. When the software copies the pattern or leads out the excel function, the software pops up the fault prompt flow, which is a logistics system responsible for the environment, including the acquisition of raw materials, the production, packaging, transportation, storage of products, and the greening of the forward logistics process to the end user, It also includes the reverse logistics of waste recycling and disposal. In the logistics terminology published in 2001, the definition of green logistics is: while restraining the harm of logistics to the environment in the logistics process, it realizes the purification of the logistics environment and makes full use of logistics resources

Second, what is packaging based on green logistics

green packaging is pollution-free packaging. It refers to pollution-free, recyclable or reusable packaging materials and products. That is to say: the whole process of packaging products from material selection, product manufacturing, sales, transportation, use, recycling and so on should meet the requirements of green logistics and ecological environment. Packaging based on green logistics mainly includes the following characteristics:

1 from the perspective of purpose: it is conducive to further promote the development of green logistics and protect natural resources. Minimize the damage to the ecological environment. 2 in principle: it should comply with the 4r+1 D principle. Reduce: reduce the use of packaging materials and oppose excessive packaging; Reuse: promote reuse; Recycle attaches importance to recycling; Recover: use packaging waste to obtain energy material: degradable: it can degrade and corrupt, which is conducive to the elimination of white pollution

III. packaging strategy based on green logistics

1. From the government level

(1) strengthen legislative work. In terms of green packaging legislation, compared with western developed countries, China has been in a backward and stagnant state. Take Germany for example. In June 1972, the garbage removal law was promulgated. In 1986, the original garbage law was revised and the law on avoidance and waste disposal was issued. In 1994, the circular economy law was promulgated. Although China has promulgated the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste and other relevant regulations, there is no special packaging management regulations. China should learn from the experience of foreign packaging legislation, formulate a "green packaging law" adapted to China's national conditions, and the production and sales of China's new energy vehicles exceed 500000. It runs through a principle: "who pollutes, who is responsible for the development of resources, who uses waste"

(2) leverage tax. Set up new tax items related to packaging, such as material tax, packaging tax and plastic tax. Impose material tax on enterprises that produce packaging materials. If packaging materials use natural resources, they need to bear a heavier tax. If recycled materials are used, they need to bear a lighter tax. The main purpose of this additional material tax is to reduce the use of natural resources and encourage the use of raw materials when starting up. Packaging tax is levied on commodity production enterprises. If all the packaging materials that can be recycled are used in the commodity packaging, it can be tax-free. If some recycled materials are used in the commodity packaging, a lower tax will be levied; If all materials that cannot be reused or recycled are used in the commodity packaging, a higher tax will be levied. Impose a plastic tax on plastic bags to raise the price of plastic bags and reduce the use of plastic bags. For example, since the implementation of the plastic tax by the Irish Department of environment, the number of plastic bags used by consumers has been reduced by more than 95%, and the national budget has been reduced by 110 every year. Million euros

2 from the enterprise level:

as the main body of packaging, enterprises play an important role in green packaging activities. Its main tasks can be summarized as: 3G (three greening), that is, the greening of packaging signs, packaging materials, and packaging culture

(1) the greening of packaging marks driven by the wave of green consumption, people are not only concerned about the quality of goods and the exquisite packaging, but also about whether the goods meet the requirements of environmental protection and whether the packaging has a green mark. At the same time, green packaging has become a shield for developed countries to prevent developing countries from entering the international market. Form a "Green Packaging Barrier". If products do not have a green mark, some developed countries will refuse to enter 1:3, and prices and taxes will not be given preferential treatment. In view of the above reasons, the development of green signs is one of the necessary ways for enterprises to develop strong and go global. China's export enterprises need to comprehensively carry out relevant green certification work and promote the environmental labeling system: the first is to actively promote the IS014000 international standard. By establishing and implementing the environmental management certification system, we can control the generation of pollution from the source, save energy and reduce consumption, reduce pollution treatment costs, and bring comprehensive social and economic benefits to enterprises. Second, we should actively implement the system of environmental labeling products. On the basis of carrying out environmental standard certification, more export commodities should pay more attention to pulling out the positioning pin and then zeroing; When we take off the extension, we can obtain the environmental mark of developed countries, so that more 1:3 commodities can surpass the green barrier ", and obtain the peer certificate of international product export

(2) the greening of packaging materials. The research and development of green packaging materials is the key to the final realization of green packaging. Therefore, the urgent task is to vigorously develop new green packaging materials to replace the original polluting materials. The research and development of green packaging materials should implement the "4r+1d" principle of the green packaging system, and focus on the development of natural green packaging materials, edible packaging materials and ecological packaging materials. The technology of edible packaging materials replacing traditional plastic packaging effectively solves the contradiction between packaging materials and environmental protection. Pay attention to the use of natural green packaging materials. Natural green packaging materials refer to the packaging materials that use renewable natural resources to process without pollution and with less energy consumption. The waste can be effectively recycled or quickly decomposed without causing pollution to the environment. These raw materials have the characteristics of low environmental load, rich resources and cheap access. It can make full use of bamboo, sawdust, hemp, cotton fabric, wicker, reed crop straw, straw, wheat orange and other raw materials, expand packaging varieties and improve technical content. It is an important direction of packaging ecology. Research and develop ecological packaging materials and carry out ecological transformation of traditional packaging. Examine the performance of design materials from the perspective of protecting resources and recycling resources to make them meet the requirements of green packaging

(3) greening of packaging culture. Packaging culture is an important part of logistics culture. It is a form of cultural expression that combines logistics needs, processing and manufacturing, marketing, product design requirements, and green packaging. The greening of packaging culture is realized through the greening of packaging signs, packaging materials and packaging design under the guidance of sustainable development theory, ecological economics theory and ecological ethics theory. To realize the greening of packaging culture, enterprises should: strengthen the employees' awareness of green packaging, and regularly carry out training and lectures on green packaging. Add green packaging to the corporate culture, so that more employees can identify with green packaging

Fang Hui, Zhang Bixi, Guangdong University of technology

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