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Packaging carton recycling express is greener and slimmer into the industry consensus

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buy, buy, express disassembly, how many cartons, foam boards and plastic bags do you produce every day? Express packaging also annoys many residents: "what should I do if I leave it for space and waste it?" It is gratifying that with the promotion of regulatory authorities and the efforts of express delivery enterprises, green packaging is becoming an industry consensus

the packaging box is recycled

Ms. Wang, a citizen who lives in Huaxia homeland in Shijiazhuang, recently went to the express delivery point near the community to get express delivery and found a "carton sharing station". She unpacked the package on site and put the still complete carton into the simple universal experimental machine for recycling. Because the tensile strength of plastic is an important 10 point index box for plastic mechanical property inspection, it is reserved for reuse. "This sharing station is really good. In the past, I used to take the express home and dismantle it. If I can't put it at home, I can only throw it into the dustbin. Some cartons are still complete, which is a pity to lose. Now with recycling bins, these cartons can also play their 'waste heat'." Ms. Wang said happily

recently, at the Huaxia business site of Hebei Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd., I saw green express recycling boxes, which are divided into paper products recycling area and plastic recycling area. Citizens can put different recycling boxes according to the different materials of express boxes. Gu Cong, the person in charge of the outlets, said that SF had set up express recycling boxes in all outlets in the city, and many citizens actively participated in putting express packaging boxes in. The outlets would reuse the cartons that met the use standards

in addition to the express recycling box, I also saw the recently put into use "Feng box" packaging box at this point. This kind of box is square, has a zipper switch, does not need plastic tape, and does not need fillers. It quickly forms cavitation phenomenon and makes noise. After delivering goods to consumers, the courier will take this kind of recycling packaging box back to the warehouse for reuse. According to the introduction, compared with disposable packaging, this kind of circulating packaging box has the properties of waterproof, flame retardant, heat insulation and heat preservation. A packaging box can achieve more than 50 times of turnover and recycling, significantly reducing the use of packaging materials

it is also understood that many express delivery enterprises have slimmed down their packaging. At present, most of the plastic bags used by express delivery are disposable recycled plastic bags, but the main material of the tape is still PVC, which takes nearly a century to degrade. "Now the packaging tape we use is slimmed down, with a width of less than 45mm and a thinner thickness. The main purpose is to reduce the use of consumables and reduce environmental pollution." Said the supervisor of a delivery point. Moreover, all enterprises are promoting air cushion packaging, using inflatable gourd film to replace the traditional bubble film and reduce the use of PE

it has become an industry consensus that express delivery is greener and slimmer

e-commerce enterprises' logistics has also made efforts in green environmental protection. Suning logistics launched the "Qingcheng plan", based on the four links of logistics warehousing, packaging, transportation and terminal, to carry out a series of innovative practices of green new products, new equipment and new models, and is committed to building a full link green logistics solution. Previously, Suning in Shijiazhuang also promoted recyclable express boxes in the provincial capital, which were very popular with consumers. JD logistics has launched the "Qingliu plan", which uses recycled materials to make a recycling express box "Qingliu box". A "Qingliu box" can be recycled for more than 50 times on average, thereby reducing the use of disposable cartons and tapes; The one-time sealing material is degradable, and at the same time, electronic signing is realized at the end instead of paper signing

strengthening the standardization of green packaging of express delivery and properly dealing with the pollution of express packaging have become the internal requirements of the transformation and upgrading of the industry and sustainable development. Recently, the State Administration of market supervision and administration revealed that in the next three years, China will accelerate the promotion of green packaging for express delivery. It is necessary to jam the brake handle and standardize the work, accelerate the transformation of relevant achievements of new materials, new technologies and new products for express packaging into standards, and constantly improve the management system of green packaging for express delivery that coordinates standards with laws and policies

in June this year, the State Post Bureau issued the "specifications for green packaging of mail express", emphasizing that the green packaging of mail express should adhere to the working objectives of standardization, reduction and recycling, and giving a series of specific requirements for green packaging: the void ratio of mail express packaging should not exceed 20% in principle; Mailing and delivery enterprises shall comprehensively promote the use of electronic waybills; The length of adhesive tape used shall not exceed 1.5 times of the maximum comprehensive internal dimension; Recyclable container bags shall be recycled for no less than 50 times; Based on the principles of environmental protection and economy, avoiding excessive packaging, etc., it has become the consensus of the industry to make express packaging greener and thinner after setting

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