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Can packaging also become a tourist selling point? 40000 cities in Japan give a positive answer

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core tips: "Use shopping bags made of local old newspapers to pack local specialties, and Xu will check the corresponding bridge 2-pole tube, filter capacitor and corresponding connection lines. More local customs and regional characteristics can be spread with customers and these old newspaper shopping bags." Such bags are beautiful and practical, leading the development of local tourism

[China Packaging News] in many remote areas, "local" specialties carry the hope of a mountain village, but the closed environment and underdeveloped network make these crops almost no channels to sell, In order to realize the large-scale production of complex plastic parts of batteries, many people want to go to "farmhouse" "Tourists are daunted. The economic development of the mountain village is limited. How can we rely on creativity to develop and market local products, and thus attract the attention of tourists? Japan's 40000 city has given a successful reference answer.

packaging local specialties with old newspaper shopping bags

40000 village is next to the beautiful 40000 river. Good water quality and rich natural ecological resources make 40000 river a first-class protection in Japan Rivers

forty thousand Sichuan is also known as "Japan's last Qingliu". Local residents have used existing ecological resources to develop many local high-quality specialties, such as rice, tea, aquatic algae, chestnuts, grapefruit, fragrant fish, good wine, aromatics, etc

however, due to the remote location of 410he village, these products cannot be sold in large quantities, nor can they become famous

Mr. meiyuanzhen, a designer who moved here from the city, put forward an idea:

"using shopping bags made of local old newspapers to package local specialties, many local customs and regional characteristics can be spread with customers and these old newspaper shopping bags."

local dexterous villagers practiced this idea and began to make environmentally friendly shopping bags. The finished products are beautiful and durable. After being affirmed by consumers, they began to change new patterns

old newspaper shopping bags convey the concept of paying attention to the environment and ecology, and also skillfully connect the traditional Japanese "origami" and "cherish things"

in 2007, the 410he Road Post opened, [Road Post] is like a facade in rural areas. People travel by car along the national highway, and learn about the local customs and people through the local construction of parking lots, toilets, home stay, farmhouse, local specialty stores and other different facilities

Mr. Ji Di, the person in charge, adopted meiyuanzhen's old newspaper shopping bags and provided them to tourists to carry things or give gifts in the [post of Daozhi], and some of them were specially used to pack local specialties

not long after the operation of daozhiyi, coupled with the previous spread, the number of tourists here doubled every day, and each passenger would take local local specialties and old newspaper shopping bags as souvenirs home or give them to friends, which many people found interesting and fashionable

in 2010, the local government launched the [first old newspaper shopping bag] creative competition across the country. By teaching everyone the production method of old newspaper shopping bags, professional designers, plain people, the elderly, young people, and even children were involved, and everyone designed a variety of shopping bags, which provided great help to the innovation of 410he

in this way, the existence of 410he not only goes deep into people's hearts, but also drives the spread of local culture and the rapid development of economy. Moreover, everyone participates in it, and the dissemination is becoming more and more extensive. Later, he also participated in the mainstream design exhibition planned by the famous designer haraya, which won the attention of the international media

their initial goal was to develop the local economy and sell local crops and specialties, and they also created their own brand and cultural concept - [40000 Sichuan newspaper shopping bag]

up to now, the popularity of using old newspapers as shopping bags continues to ferment, and it is also very popular all over the world to make old newspapers into various packaging, and even apply them to different aspects such as home decoration

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