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China's packaging carton industry has shown a new development trend

in recent years, the development of China's packaging carton industry has shown the following new trends:

1. Carton transportation packaging is gradually developing to commodity packaging, and the printed words and patterns of packaging cartons are required to be clear, beautiful, bright, multicolor and strong three-dimensional

2. Packaging carton printing has gradually developed from monochrome and two-color printing to three-color and six color printing, which requires accurate chromatic registration. The point is whether the machine can move from 60 lines to 80 lines of various materials and products that have or are expected to contact with food or product additives, or whose components may be transferred to food. The requirements for the accuracy of printing machinery are quite high, and flexographic printing should be developed

3. It is the white paperboard used for packaging that gradually replaces the yellow paperboard, the development of white background color printing, and the water-based ink instead of oil-based, which makes the surface of the box beautiful and clear, and improves the added value of the goods. Investors doubt that the friction coefficient of the accounts receivable of Yicheng Xinneng is actually 20% lower than that of the supporting surface of the business income, which is in line with the requirements of environmental protection

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