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Packaging and printing upstart - transmission gold sweeping technology

what is gold sweeping? Gold sweeping is a special process in fine printing. Special metal powder is attached to the designated part of the commodity packaging or label printing, so as to realize the gold imitation effect of gold flashing

how to sweep the gold

after multi-color printing and production, the printed matter that can be scanned is obtained, and then the printed sheets that need to be scanned and printed into fine products are transmitted to the monochrome or two-color offset press. When it is needed to measure the deformation of the sample in the experimental process, the gold scanning part is printed with adhesive primer, and then directly transmitted to the gold scanning machine. The gold scanning process is completed by wiping and pressing the special gold powder into the primer. If the printing factory has a multi-color printing machine and UV drying device, online gold scanning can be carried out, that is, the oil quality requirements of the printing sheet in the multi-color printing are the same as that of the general industrial valve, and several color groups in front of the machine are printed and fully dried by the UV device, then the sticky primer is printed on the last color group, and then enter the gold scanning machine through the connecting device for gold scanning. In the above cases, when it is not necessary to sweep the gold, the gold sweeping equipment can be separated from the printing machine within a few minutes, so that the printing machine can carry out ordinary printing again

compared with other fine printing processes, scanning gold has its unique advantages

As a widely used process, gold printing and bronzing have many advantages, but also some disadvantages. For example, the gravure printing machine prints gold fast, but the deformation is relatively serious when printing small characters and thin lines, and the metal texture is not strong enough when printing gold on a large area; As a traditional process, bronzing has a strong sense of metal, but the energy consumption is high, the efficiency is relatively low, and it is difficult to register. The quality of small graphics and large areas of bronzing is not easy to control; The gold sweeping process has the advantages of simple operation, high production speed, low cost, and fine effect regardless of the size of the pattern and area. At the same time, due to the fully enclosed working mode, there is no environmental pollution. In fact, the combination of gold sweeping and bronzing can often achieve better results φ 1- φ 3mm effect

in foreign countries, many printing plants adopt multi shift working system and make full use of the new type of gold sweeper, which has achieved remarkable economic benefits. In China, compared with other high-quality printing technologies, the ownership of gold sweeper is relatively small, and the market competition is very small. Therefore, the pressure on market price is very small, coupled with the unique anti-counterfeiting effect and advertising effect of gold scanning products, which makes customers accept the price difference within a certain range; In addition, the cost of sweeping gold is relatively low. Therefore, printing manufacturers can obtain higher profits

at present, the only company in the world that produces fully automatic gold sweeper is dreissig company in Germany. Its latest model 2500 gold sweeper has passed the strict inspection of official institutions and obtained CE safety certification. At present, it has been widely used all over the world, especially in the trademark printing of cigarettes, cigar packaging, cosmetics, chocolate packaging and alcohol, as well as invitation cards and greeting cards. The equipment has now been introduced to China by JiuHeng printing and packaging equipment company under Sanjiu group, and will push China's packaging and printing to a new level

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