At the beginning of 2016, 10 titanium dioxide manu

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At the beginning of 2016, 10 domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers announced to increase product prices

at the beginning of 2016, 10 domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers announced to increase product prices

January 11, 2016

[China paint information] on January 6, Shandong Dongjia and Guangdong Huiyun titanium announced to increase the price of rutile titanium dioxide by 300 yuan/ton. In addition, Sichuan longmang, a leading export enterprise of titanium dioxide, announced on the same day that the price of all products would be increased by 300 yuan/ton based on the current price. As of January 7, 10 domestic manufacturers have announced to raise product prices, ranging from 200 yuan to 500 yuan/ton, and the titanium dioxide market ushered in the first positive in 2016

more enterprises are expected to follow up and raise prices

as several leading domestic enterprises have announced to raise prices, the mainstream prices of rutile titanium dioxide products have been above 10000 yuan/ton (including tax)

this price increase is the result of internal and external factors. At the end of 2015, the five international titans of titanium dioxide announced a global collective price increase of $150 - $200/ton from January 1, 2016. Then, the overhaul and production restriction of Sichuan longmang made domestic enterprises eager to raise prices. Manufacturers in Jiangsu and Guangxi took the lead in raising product prices by 200-300 yuan/ton, followed by a number of enterprises

judging from the current market situation, titanium dioxide manufacturers have obvious polarization. Manufacturers with better quality and brand have tight supply and slightly greater production pressure. Some orders have been scheduled to March. While other manufacturers are still weak in delivery, and the operating rate is low. At present, the mainstream quotations of most domestic rutile and anatase titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method are 9300 yuan -10600 yuan/ton and 8300 yuan -9500 yuan/ton respectively (both tax included), and the price span is increased

no matter the downstream demand is good or bad, affected by the rise of Sichuan longmang, manufacturers across the country may successively plan to raise prices by about 300 yuan/ton

supply and demand is expected to improve

Cinda Securities pointed out that the price rise can be regarded as a rebound from the bottom of the price. Titanium dioxide prices have remained low in recent years, and the whole industry has almost lost money. According to the data, affected by the decline in prices, among the listed titanium dioxide companies that have released performance forecasts at present, in addition to the expected increase in net profit of Bailian, CNNC titanium dioxide and anada, which can make all kinds of shatterproof items, are expected to suffer losses for the whole year, with losses of 50million-60million yuan and 115million-125million yuan respectively

in 2015, the demand for titanium dioxide powder in the global titanium dioxide electrical sector, including load measurement systems and deformation measurement systems, was low, and titanium dioxide enterprises shut down production capacity and the operating rate fell to adapt to the market. The shutdown of overseas titanium dioxide enterprises can be about 320000 tons, including 150000 tons, 100000 tons and 70000 tons of Komo, Huntsman and tenor respectively. The nominal total capacity of overseas titanium dioxide has been reduced from 4.415 million tons to 4.095 million tons, and the operating rate has declined to varying degrees. Although large domestic enterprises are supported by export orders, most of them fail to fully open their production capacity, and the phenomenon of half opening and shutdown of small factories is common. The flexible line and load 104 make the minimum horizontal displacement

securities analysts pointed out that with the implementation of real estate de stocking and supply side reform policies, the supply and demand situation of the industry is expected to improve to a certain extent. In terms of environmental protection, titanium dioxide, as the inorganic chemical with the largest discharge of three wastes, is under the high-pressure supervision of environmental protection. According to the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment, the state will encourage the chlorination method and restrict the construction of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method. In addition, under the opinion of titanium dioxide pollution control, the pollution control of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method and the addition of precious metal silver should be reduced; The requirements of solid waste disposal and comprehensive utilization of Pb Ca Cu Sn RE alloy for copper electrowinning will be increased, which will bring about an increase in enterprise costs

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